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Vintage Industrial Pauluhn Crouse hinds Bronze & Teak table Lamp

March 27, 2020

In the world of industrial lighting, Crouse Hinds is the brand. The Rolls Royce of industrial lighting, the cream of the crop.

The design and build of Crouse Hinds light fixtures is superior in every way. The look, the build, the quality, it's all there to create a perfect package. So when we get the chance to restore a vintage Crouse Hinds or Pauluhn (a subsidiary of Crouse Hinds) light fixture we snap it up! 

I would forgive you for not knowing Crouse Hinds. They manufacture a wide variety of high grade electrical components and light fixtures for the most demanding hazardous and industrial environmental applications. Not products for which your everyday domestic customer is in the market.

They are an American company established in New York, who have been in operation since 1897. A subsidiary of Cooper Industries who were subsequently bought by Eaton Corporation in 2012, and whom maintain the Crouse Hinds brand. 

Pauluhn a subsidiary of Crouse Hinds offer a comprehensive line of industrial, marine and offshore lighting products with innovative solutions for hazardous locations and corrosive environments. 

The vintage Pauluhn and Crouse Hinds designs are perfect vintage light fixtures to be restored and used again in any interior or outdoor setting. They add character and a talking point and of course will last a lifetime once they have been restored to modern lighting standards. 

We love them and hope you do too. 

Pauluhn Aluminium Strip Light

This is a vintage industrial Pauluhn 4ft cast aluminium flameproof striplight. These rare examples were made in the 1970's for use in hazardous areas on super tankers travelling cargo around the globe. 

vintage industrial Pauluhn



Mid Century Cast Bronze Explosion Proof Table Lamp by Pauluhn

A beautiful 1950's Pauluhn explosion proof table lamp manufactured using cast phosphor bronze with a tempered convex glass protective cover. The fixture shows serial marks, an explosion proof (Ex) stamp plus details about the manufacturer and origin. The lamp has a pan and tilt function operated by the wing nuts on the base and has been converted into a desk lamp by adding a braided cord and switch along with brass dome nuts added as feet.

Vintage Industrial Cast Bronze Table Lamp by Pauluhn

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