The Little Plant Guys - Nottingham

Retail lighting. Small industrial style down lights for a houseplant & homewares store

October 24, 2023

Retail lighting is clearly very important with big commercial implications. The Little Plant Guys is a great example where bright lighting is not always the right solution. Their new homewares & houseplant store in Nottingham has a dark and homely environment with interesting products wherever you look. 

reclaimed and restored small green light in a houseplant and homewares retail store 

Our small green ceiling lights are living their best life in their Derby Road based store. Perfectly placed, there are approximately 10 of our conical shaped green lights strategically down lighting key areas of the store, creating a homely atmosphere and welcoming a "slow down and browse" mentality. The green shades fit in perfectly with the laid back shop design which focuses on natural and simple materials. 

Retail Lighting. industrial style small green ceiling light in homewares & houseplant shop

The industrial-style metal lamp shade illuminates downwards directing the shoppers gaze to the plethora of products on display. It is hung low using black braided cable blending into the retail space and softly down lighting the beautifully curated products which are from a number of independent businesses focusing on being sustainable and low impact. 

Houseplant shop retail lighting. They have used the small green British Army Festoon Ceiling Lamp

The design of the shade is based on the festoon shades used by the British Army mid-century, perfect for mood lighting or directional down lighting. We offer it in aluminium, copper and painted; and we can paint them any colour to match your interior. Just get in touch with your requirements. 



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