WWII Carl Zeiss BLC Flak 12x60 Antique Binoculars & Tripod

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A beautiful set of refurbished military WWII binoculars manufactured by Carl Zeiss and paired with a vintage Leica tripod. 

Made in the 1940's this stunning model is the Carl Zeiss BLC Flak 12x60 'T' binoculars. These were designed to be used in conjunction with a 4 meter long range finder for directing heavy Flak guns during World War 2.

At the start of WW2, Germany wanted to keep the makers of its military equipment secret and assigned each company with a letter code to which 'BLC' was assigned to the Carl Zeiss of Jena Company.

The optics themselves are clear and functional. These antique binoculars retain all the original name plates and details. All mechanical functions such as the thumb screw for fine adjustment of the rain guard / eye shade are in perfect working condition.

This set is fitted with the original adjustable and variable eye shades for use in all daytime and darker light conditions.

The binoculars are mounted to a Swiss Leica heavy duty tripod which include aluminium cups for the footings which are lined with a felt pad to protect floor surfaces.

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Tripod footprint: 70cm x 70cm
Height: 150cm extending to 180cm 
Binocular length: 42cm
Binocular width inc handles: 44cm
Binocular height: 35cm