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Vintage Searchlight by Shonan Kosakusho & USA Tripod

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A reclaimed vintage industrial aluminium searchlight by Shonan kosakusho ltd industrial mounted onto a USA made tripod.
Manufactured in Japan circa 1982 this fixture would have been used on supertankers as a "ship to shore" luminaire.

Professionally restored and converted by Loomlight in the UK ready for use in modern interiors. 

Width:  750mm
Height:  Ex. Tripod - 900mm / Including tripod - 180cm.
Lamp:  2 x CP 41 (1 active & 1 spare) 2000w (220v and 110v bulbs available).
Beam:  10 degree fixed (x2)
Materials:  Aluminium & tempered Glass with Brass fittings

There are some fantastic mechanical features including a lamp loader which is operated by the dial underneath.  The light carries two lamps (one active and one spare) when the active lamp blows the replacement can be laid into place by a turn of the dial.
Also there is a split reflector controlled by the lever underneath and allows the intense beam to be split into two! the beam on this light would easily reach cloud level!
The body of the light is sheet aluminium and the yolk / bracket it stands on is cast aluminium.
The tripod was imported from the US and is fully adjustable in height and foot print, we have set the tripod to best suit this lamp.

All lights are professionally re-wired in-house to exceed British Standards using CE approved components. Dimensions and weights are approximate.  For all orders to USA, UL listed bulb holders and 100v bulbs will be fitted.  All lights are sold ready for use in your home or commercial installation.  For any specific requirements please get in touch.  We are happy to discuss your individual project.