The Best Man Cave Lighting Ideas

The Best Man Cave Lighting Ideas

November 04, 2022

When designing your man cave, of course the first thing you’ll think about is that comfy sofa you’ll sit on to watch the match, or the design of the home bar, and where the pool table or motor bikes will live.

But a word of advice, don’t overlook the lighting! It’ll be the first thing you notice if you haven’t got it right and often difficult to rectify when it’s wrong. So here we’ll take you through some of the best man cave lighting ideas for both wall and ceiling, to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion!

First things first, think about what you want to do in your man cave. It’s highly likely that you’ll want to do various things in the space. So a combination of ceiling and wall lighting is going to provide you with options.

man cave lighting ideas. Bright overhead task lighting is essential

Do you want to play pool, do some artwork or read books? Perhaps you’ll be repairing a motorbike. For any task like that, you’ll need good all-round illumination. So consider your ceiling lighting first. Not only do you want them to look good, but most importantly they also need to provide enough light.


You can give you room instant character and personality through choosing feature ceiling lighting that matches your style whether that’s industrial, vintage or designer lighting. You may need more than one ceiling light depending on the size of the light fixture and how much light you want to have throughout the area. Calculating the total lighting required is tricky though and there's a lot to consider. Here is a fantastic guide to help you.

Strip lighting is very good task lighting because they spread the light so well. For real character and modern appeal, this vintage industrial aluminium strip light with Edison LED filament tubes is sure to create the wow factor in any man cave. 

1. Industrial Edison Flameproof Strip Light - £790.00.

vintage industrial aluminium flameproof strip light for the ceiling with Edison LED tubes

Or perhaps you'd like to hang multiple light fixtures to spread the light around a larger space. If so then the Heritage Range by Thorlux are the perfect choice with both form and function. 

Games room using enamel factory ceiling lighting throughout to create a modern industrial interior style.

A small ceiling light at 28cm diameter, which comes in both green or ivory, great for hanging in multiples. 

Or something slightly larger at 41cm the "Traditional" Heritage enamel factory ceiling light by Thorlux - £300.

Traditional Enamel Green Heritage Factory Ceiling pendant by Thorlux

Adding original fixtures into your interior makes the space feel authentic. These original vintage lights by Killark have been reclaimed from decommissioned cargo ships and after a full modernisation by Loomlight will be perfectly at home in any man cave with bags of industrial style. 

3. White Enamel Cage Light by Killark - £355


White enamel ceiling pendant with cage great for man cave lighting ideas 

Consider adding a dimmer switch to your man cave which will provide options to lower the light levels to create a relaxing atmosphere.

3 lamps over a pool table

Looking to illuminate a pool table or card game table? Using 3 lamps on one bar is a good way to spread light. This is also the perfect solution to add more light fixtures when there is only one power source and you don't want to pay an electrician to add more! 

4. Wiska 3 Lamp Ceiling Light - £1295.00

Hang low over a table for maximum impact. 

Perfect pool table lighting, this copper & brass 3 lamp ceiling light can be hung low over any table for low level lighting.


Wall lighting can help to create a cosy atmosphere especially if placed lower down on the walls. Use directional light to wash lighting up or down the walls to a specific area to highlight items of interest or bring the height of the room down to make it feel extra cosy. Perfect lighting for having a few beers in the evening or film nights. 

home bar lighting or man cave lighting ideas

5. Copper Industrial Style Cantilever Wall Light - £300

This cantilever wall lamp will direct the light downwards creating a lovely addition to your ceiling lighting helping to make the space feel bigger. Or use them on their own for mood lighting on a relaxing evening. 

Copper cantilever wall fixture with conical lampshade, great man cave lighting idea

6. Aluminium Spot Light - £85

These small wall lights can be used in multiples on the walls near the floor like a passageway light to create a moody evening atmosphere for drinks with friends. At only 13cm diameter they may be small but made in solid aluminium they pack a punch.

Small vintage industrial wall spot lights for man cave lighting ideas

 7. Small Aluminium Trio Spot Lighting - £245

Or add some character with a row of three above a bar area if you want more illumination! 

Aluminium trio spot wall lighting for man cave lighting ideas 

8. Brass Bulkhead wall light - £360

For something larger this oblong shaped brass wall light with decorative frosted glass disperses the light beautifully creating a decorative yet functional wall lamp. 

Brass bulkhead wall light for man cave lighting ideas

9. Runway Wall Washer - £220

The perfect mood lighting with personality and style. These reclaimed runway lamps are sure to create a talking point amongst your mates. Their original purpose was to light the runway to help pilots land aeroplanes, now cleverly repurposed into a wall fixture that washes soft lighting around the wall rather than being direct or harsh. 

reclaimed light by GEC for man cave lighting ideas

10. Eastern Bloc Industrial Aluminium Bulkhead

A truly hard wearing and robust bulkhead wall light, reclaimed and professionally restored for both indoor and outdoor use. This wall lamp can do it all! 

eastern bloc aluminium bulkhead wall lighting for man cave lighting idea

Using a combination of wall and ceiling lights with a variety of styles is going to provide you with many options. So hopefully you have found our pick of man cave lighting ideas helpful. However, if none of these ideas appeal, then you can find plenty more lighting options here industrial ceiling lights & pendants and wall lighting.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.