Industrial Home Bar Ideas & Lighting Inspiration

Industrial style home bar ideas & lighting inspiration

May 13, 2024

If you're looking for inspiration for a home bar then look no further. We've collated an extensive number of industrial style home bar ideas and home bar lighting inspiration from our range of vintage & industrial style light fixtures. 

1. The Garage Home Bar

Adding a bar area to your garage is a great idea. Tinkering with your motor over the weekend with a beer from your garage home bar sounds like perfect relaxation. This reclaimed and repurposed example below was designed and built by The Nailormade. 

The industrial style home bar shares a corner of a garage with a Porsche 911. The bar top is made of reclaimed wood and the lighting is all vintage industrial metal light fixtures. Light fixtures includes footlights under the bar, a vintage wall strip light modified with LED Edison Filament tubes, metal nautical ceiling pendants and in the main garage area there are some large green enamel factory pendants by Thorlux. A great variety of lighting options for this multi purpose space. 


home bar in a garage. Man Cave

Edison Flameproof Wall Strip Light, £790

Edison Flameproof Twin Strip Wall light for home bar

Green Enamel Drum Factory Light by Thorlux, £310

Green enamel factory ceiling light by Thorlux for Garage home bar

2. Home Bar Feature Lighting

Making sure you have enough light over your bar is essential. Hanging multiple feature lights low over your bar area will not only give your home bar character but also the right amount of ambience. 

Industrial Home Bar Ideas & Lighting Inspiration

Explosion Proof Brass Cage Ceiling Pendant, £185

Explosion Proof Brass Cage Ceiling Light

3. Basement Home Bar

Got an empty basement? Why not turn it into a home bar. It'll be dark down there so adding ceiling lighting, wall lighting, foot lights and floor lamps is the way forward. Don't skimp on lighting! 


Oval Aluminium Prismatic Bulkhead Wall Light, £208

oval aluminium prismatic bulkhead wall light

4. Outdoor Garden Home Bar

Not all of us are lucky enough to have such an amazing space like this outdoor garden bar below, which doubles up as an outdoor kitchen. Using reclaimed industrial lights for a space like this is ideal. They are robust and can often withstand extreme conditions so you won't need to worry about leaving them outside in inclement weather.


Large Vintage Industrial Engine Room Light, £495

Large Aluminium Engine Room Ceiling Lighting

5. DIY Home Bar

Handy with a screwdriver? Then this is a great idea for a DIY home bar using reclaimed wood. With a fold down bar top and built in storage for all your bar paraphenalia this compact bar could be mounted to the wall indoors or out. 

Homemade outdoor home bar

Small Industrial Wall Spot Light, £85

These small wall spot lights can be used alone or in multiples to create a lovely light effect. They can be used either indoors or outdoors. Neaten up any electrical cables that you're unable to hide with metal conduit to complete the industrial vibe. 

Small outdoor industrial wall spot lights with conduit

6. Rustic Home Bar

The corrugated roof in the example below is an inexpensive way to cover a home bar. So if you're on a budget lean into the rustic home bar style, by sourcing reclaimed and repurposed materials. 

Rustic home bar with large industrial lighting

Reclaimed rustic green ceiling light, £58

Reclaimed rustic green ceiling light for home bar

7. Miami Vice Home Bar 

Ok, so this pink home bar is not exactly industrial themed.....more Miami Vice. But if you're looking for pink fittings and fixtures to brighten up your home bar, then look no further. In our workshop we can take bespoke requests for most of our light fixtures. We paint our fixtures all sorts of colours and different finishes. Whether pink, blue, green, name it, we can do it. 

Pink home bar

Pink LED Edison Strip Light by Daeyang, £870

Vintage Industrial Pink Edison LED Ceiling Strip Light

8. Monochrome home bars

If you love the simplicity of a black and white interior, then check out this small monochrome home bar which uses a black metro tile and industrial cage wall light.  Simple and effective, this home bar has got everything you need.

Monochrome home bar with industrial lighting

Brass Wall Cage Light by Industrial Rotterdam, £260

industrial brass cage wall light for a monochrome home bar

9. Shiny Industrial Home Bars

Using mirrors is a great idea not only to help make a small space seem larger, but as with the example below also gives the bar a sophisticated edge. This shiny look can be paired with industrial fixtures and fittings to balance the design and not make it overtly slick. Here they have used multiple industrial style cantilever wall lamps high up on the wall alongside modern LED strips along the edge of the bar shelves. The mirror helps to bounce the light around the space making it feel really well illuminated. 

Sleek home bar

View our range of custom industrial style cantilever wall lights. Choose which metal finish you want for the wall arm fixture and also what length you want it to be. Then customise the colour of the lamp shade to suit your home bar interior. 

See more cantilever wall lighting

Cantilever wall lighting for a home bar

10. Small Home Bar

Add some character to a small home bar area with some intimate industrial style wall lights. These explosion proof wall lights have an in-built isolator switch made by Wiska, which are a quirky industrial feature but also a practical solution. £325, Wiska Brass Wall Light can also be used outdoors. 

small home bar lighting ideasindustrial style wall lighting in a small home bar

The industrial style bar below can be translated into a small home bar by creating a small wall mounted table top with over head light, creating a cosy place to enjoy a glass of red. This cantilever wall light is a clever solution when you don't have the option of ceiling lighting. It's also a good way of extending lighting low over a table to create cosy "private dining" style ambience. You can hide cables inside the electrical conduit to keep everything neat. 

small home bar

Industrial Style Copper & Brass Cantilever Wall Light, £530

These lamps can be used with a dimmer to keep lighting levels low. They can also be used with or without the copper shades. Please get in touch for custom projects.

Bespoke industrial cantilever wall light with a swinging arm


11. Exposed Features Home Bar

If you have exposed industrial style features in your home bar, don't hide them! Like the example below with exposed conduit on the ceiling and open metal shelving. Make a feature out of them. Expand on the theme by adding more industrial fixtures & fittings. 

exposed features home bar

Brass Explosion Proof Cage Light by Wiska, £235

Cast brass explosion proof ceiling light made by Wiska restored by Loomlight and ideal solution for industrial style home bars


12. Industrial Style Home Bar

Metal bar stools, corrugated sheet metal repurposed into a bar and reclaimed strip lighting all comes together to create a very cool industrial inspired bar. Soften the look for a home bar with wooden flooring or a rug. 

Vintage home bar

4ft Aluminium Strip Light by Aqua Signal, £905

Industrial 4ft Aluminium Strip Light for vintage style home bar

 13. White & Copper Home Bar

This white and copper bar is great inspiration to translate into a home bar space. Grown up and stylish with hints of black in the leather bar stools and on the floor tiles. 

Light bright white and copper bar idea

If you love this theme then this is the perfect wall light for your home bar.

White Copper & Brass Cantilever Wall Light, £270

14. Dark home bars

Are you looking to create a dark atmosphere for your home bar? Then take inspiration from this bar / restaurant which uses minimal lighting and dark wooden furniture to maintain a moody feeling. 

Dark home bar ideas

Black Edison Flameproof Strip Light, £870

Industrial Black Edison LED Strip Light for Home Bar

15. Traditional Pub Home Bar

What does every traditional pub have? A beer pump! You'll be the most popular host if you install one of these. Combine it with authentic fixtures and fittings to create true character. No reproductions allowed!

traditional pub home bar

Here's our favourite authentic industrial light fixture to go in the traditional pub environment.

Vintage Industrial Brass Ceiling Light, £705

Vintage industrial copper ceiling light for Traditional Home Bar Lighting idea

16. Warm Copper Home Bar

If you want to create a cosy home bar then using warm materials and colours is the way forward. Copper has a lovely red undertone making it the perfect metal for a cosy bar environment. Pair copper with wood to soften the aesthetic.

Copper accents home bar

 Copper Ceiling Light by Wiska, £465

Industrial Copper Ceiling Light by Wiska for a cosy home bar light idea

17. Eclectic Style Home Bar

Do you love to collect unusual things? There will always be a good use for them at some point right? Well what better place to display your unusual collection of found and salvaged items that an eclectic style home bar. Mix and match your pieces to really make this design aesthetic come to life, the crazier the better. Bring this look together by having one constant thread running through out. This could be wooden floor, wooden table and wooden chairs. Or metal lighting, metal bar top and metal bar stools. Everything else around that can go crazy. 

eclectic home bar ideas

Green Enamel Factory Light by Thorlux, £245

Green Enamel Factory Ceiling Light by Thorlux for Eclectic Style Home Bar

Orange British Military Wall Lamp, £270 

These reclaimed British military lamp shades can be painted any colour. Customise your lamp shades as you wish. 

Industrial Style Orange & Copper Wall Lamp for an eclectic style home bar lighting idea

Verdigris Ceiling Light by VEB, £395

This bespoke verdigris finish is applied by hand in our workshop. It is applied to the aluminium light fixture using our tailored rusting technique using copper powder and an accelerated oxidization process. 

Verdigris industrial style ceiling lamp for eclectic style home bar lighting ideas

18. Explosion Proof Home Bar

Solid surfaces and solid fixtures are a practical approach for a bar area. Who knows where the night will take you! And they can also look the business too. Explosion proof lighting typically reclaimed from decommissioned cargo ships not only look cool, but are well designed, robust, waterproof and fit perfectly with a pub / bar aesthetic. Combining metal light fixtures with a marble effect workshop like Quartz or Corian will provide balance to your look & feel.

 Marble industrial style bar

Brass & Copper Explosion Proof Cantilever Wall Light, £375

Explosion proof lighting for a home bar

19. Industrial Drinks Trolley Home Bar 

industrial style portable drinks trolley

The drinks trolley is the perfect option for a portable home bar. This industrial style drinks trolley is an ingenious use of reclaimed materials to create the perfect place for your tipple of choice. Make sure you have adequate lighting so you can make the perfect Mojito. A floor lamp is a good choice to pair up with your industrial drinks trolley. Wherever you position your trolley the lamp can come too! All you need is the plug socket. This reclaimed steampunk style floor lamp complete with LED Edison tubes is the perfect combo for a drinks trolley. This lamp can be used with a dimmer switch to create the perfect ambience.

Steampunk Aluminium Floor Lamp, £1,625

Industrial style floor lamp perfect for lighting a drinks trolley home bar.

For more lighting inspiration take a look at our extensive range of reclaimed, vintage & industrial style lighting.