WWII Nikko 15 x 80 Antique Binoculars

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A professionally refurbished set of antique binoculars paired with a German tripod with brass fittings and hard wood construction.

Nippon Kogaku 'Nikko' 60 degree inclined 15 x 80 4 degree field of view WWII binoculars originally used for land, sea and air observation. Stripped of the original paint and the cast aluminium carefully polished to reveal finer manufacturers details, such as the 'Nikko' signature and serial no. 340 which dates them to circa 1930. There are also part numbers on the inclined section, the objective barrel and prism housing. There is also Japanese text found on the brass inserts and main plate.

Features specific to this superb set of military binoculars include the quick sight notched blade and loop found on the top of the binoculars, the lens barrels extend to act as sun and rain shields and an internal mechanism to adjust the interpupillary distance.

Nikko, today named Nikon, during WWII were the largest and most important manufacturer of Japanese optical instruments.

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Binocular - Length 48cm x Width 35cm
Binocular on tripod - 75cm x 75cm x 140cm extending to 180cm height.