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British Brass & Aluminium Maritime Searchlight by Rotherhams

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A vintage naval searchlight c1940 manufactured by Rotherham's of Coventry, England. Meticulously restored by hand in UK by Loomight. Fully functional and ready to use. 

Diameter: 90cm
Depth: 65cm
Height: 180cm 
Weight: 65kg
Voltage: 110v or 220v Compatible. 
Origin: UK

We will send the correct bulb for your country’s voltage.

The base and yolk of the searchlight are cast aluminium.  The main light body is machine made brass, with the glass frame and pivot mounts from cast bronze.
We have expertly polished this light and restored the original lamp holder and fitted new electrical high temperature cable and wiring.  The lamp is a new 2000w theatre lamp and is very similar to the original that would have been used. The optical reflector is in outstanding condition and free of corrosion from its life at sea.  It creates a very tight focused beam which can be fine tuned using the worm gear which travels the bulb closer to, or further away from the lens to achieve a spot or flood beam angle. 

The cast bronze pivot mounts are beautifully engineered, as is the mechanical element for its tilting attribute.  They also give the head of the light strength whilst allowing the light to be unbolted and detached from the aluminium stand.  The steel bar that is fitted to the mounts also connects to a stem underneath the light which runs down the centre of the stanchion post.  Originally this bar would have connected to automation below deck, allowing the operator to control the tilt action remotely. 
The lamp has also been fitted with a cast brass HNA plug and switch.  The switch itself is also a reclaimed nautical object which was made by Eldis of Gdansk, Poland.  All cables have been sleeved with a chrome plated copper braid. 

The light made by Rotherham's has several signed parts mainly on the grease feeder pots which are mounted on or around the pivot points and keeps pivots precisely lubricated and operational. 

Rotherham's and Sons Ltd, of Coventry founded around 1750 are specialists in the manufacture of parts in non-ferrous materials to close limits of accuracy who supply highly accurate parts for the Air Ministry and other Government Departments including the War Office and were known to supply to the industries below.

- Aviation (aircraft; balloons; etc.)
- Clocks and watches (including clock-making and watch-making equipment).
- Engines and motors: steam; oil; gas; etc.
- Pumping machinery and air compressors.
- Measuring; calculating and testing devices.
- Scientific and optical instruments.

During World War 2 Rotherham's were involved in the development and manufacture of technologies to assist the war effort and produced many items for military and maritime use.