Fuji Meibo Marine Binoculars

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Japanese Fuji Meibo Observation Binoculars 15x80 with 4 degree field of view and matching tripod mount in grey & brass.

Width: 23cm
Length: 51cm
Height: 20cm
Tripod Height: 150cm - 180cm
Weight: 18kg
Origin: Japan

This large pair of Japanese observation binoculars are mounted on a aluminium tripod. The marine binoculars with 4º incline eyepieces are marked ‘FUJI, Meibo, 15 x 80 4º, No. 5389 (date circa mid 1950's) designed and manufactured by Fuji Photo Optical Co. Ltd Japan. These binoculars are predominantly used for viewing the horizon. The optics give outstanding visual clarity and even make great star gazing lenses. The eyepieces can be adjusted for focus and distance between pupils can be opened and closed.

These splendid Japanese binoculars have been stripped and polished and are fully restored to original working order. They have been mounted to the tripod using the original deck post complete with original 360 degree protractor. We can send a video of this working on request.

The binoculars and tripod have been finished with a hardened paint system in Nardo grey. We have further enhanced the appearance of the piece brass details - we have  replaced the original bakelite knob on the end of the operating lever with a solid brass sphere; the lens cylinders with brass highlighter rings; the name plate is backed with brass framing and the connecting bar between the eye piece with a solid brass equivalent. To complete the pairing the tripod is dressed with polished brass fasteners.
This is a one off piece re-finished to an excellent degree of detail, the binoculars are supplied with original box complete with manufacturers certification.

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