Inspiration For Garden Room Lighting

Inspiration For Garden Room Lighting

November 10, 2022

Lighting for garden rooms is just as important as lighting for your main home. Especially if you use it as an office, as so many people now do, since the pandemic. Summer houses are often used as a place to relax and enjoy your garden, so lighting should be a priority consideration to get the most out it throughout the year. Whatever the use of your garden room, we have put together some garden room lighting ideas to help make it a practical and stylish place to spend time. 


Our top picks are chosen because they are both robust and decorative which we think is the perfect combination for garden room wall lights. 

Vintage Oval Prismatic Aluminium Bulkhead - £208

This vintage industrial aluminium wall light is interior lighting and provides a soft decorative illumination. 

garden room lighting

Brass & Frosted Glass Wall Light - £370

A stunning looking brass wall light with a decorative glass cover. This wall light can be used for both garden room interior lighting and outdoor lighting. 

Garden room lighting ideas

Italian Flameproof Wall Sconce - £296

Reclaimed from cargo ships, this robust aluminium wall sconce can't be found on the high street. So if you're looking for something unique this is the one. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

garden room lighting ideas


interior garden room lighting inspiration

Use ceiling lighting to create character in your garden room. By using ceiling lights in conjunction with wall lights and table lamps you'll have maximum flexibility for creating the right mood and illumination for whatever you want to do in your garden room.

Green Enamel Factory Ceiling Light by Thorlux - £245

These small ceiling pendants are based on the original 1930's factory light designs manufactured by Thorlux a British company. Thorlux still make the Heritage range of pendants today using the original steel spinning techniques which is all done by hand. They are finished with vitreous enamel making them incredibly hard wearing. This is the smallest ceiling light in the heritage range. A laidback rustic style interior ceiling light perfect for a summer house or garden room. 





garden room lighting inspiration

Perhaps you want to light up a dining area or an outdoor kitchen which is partially covered by a pergola. If so, you'll need to use ceiling light fixtures which are suitable for the outdoors.  Below we have picked out some characterful outdoor ceiling pendant lights also suitable for indoors use. 

Vintage Industrial Aluminium Ceiling Light by Ito Denki - £270

Vintage industrial aluminium ceiling pendant for garden room lighting inspiration

outdoor kitchen lighting idea

This fantastic industrial style outdoor kitchen uses reclaimed materials and lighting to create a practical bohemian style space for outside cooking. The reclaimed cage ceiling lighting are weather proof, robust and add industrial character. Here are our top pick of reclaimed industrial cage lights suitable for outdoor use.

Brass Cage Lighting by Kokosha - £395

outdoor dining ceiling lighting for garden room lighting ideas

Steel Explosion Proof Cage Ceiling Pendant - £307

outdoor aluminium ceiling lighting for garden rooms

You can find more inspiration for garden room or summer house lighting here. If you need any advice or guidance about the type of lighting required, we are experience lighting professionals and would be happy to help, please get in touch.