Pub Lighting Design Ideas

Pub Lighting Design Ideas

December 05, 2019

Vintage industrial pub lighting  Vintage industrial pub lighting  Vintage industrial pub lighting with Edison filament tubes
I can't think of a better use for reclaimed vintage industrial lighting than the pub interior. The build quality of these fixtures is second to none, due to the original design objective to withstand hazardous conditions.  These fixtures will stand the test of time and look fantastic to boot. 

Industrial lighting is often designed and built to be explosion proof, flameproof or IP rated.  This means they can withstand conditions in hazardous environments such as the oil and mining industry.

Reclaimed from shipbreakers yards, we professionally re-wire and restore each fixture ready for modern interiors and outdoor spaces. 

On this page is a small selection of lighting ideas ideal for pub interiors. Our full range can be found on our website.  We have lighting for all occasions.  Table lamps, wall lighting, cantilever lights, pendants, name it.  Our workshop are technical design wizards so can create additional components and parts to customize light fixtures.  We are experienced lighting designers & installers, so if you need assistance or advice with installation we'd be happy to help.

Reproductions can of course be found on the highstreet, however nowadays with the environmental crisis we are facing, most people see the benefits of buying reclaimed and recycled items. The reclaimed versions are authentic, solid metal so they look and feel amazing. The patina gives you an insight into their history and there are often manufacturer details cast onto the fixture which gives the light fixture personality. Reproductions are mostly plastic and ok, may solve a short term problem but definitely aren't the real deal.  

If you like the industrial style utilitarian look then matching up your door handles and light switches throughout your interior is a great way to achieve a succinct and finished design.  We have a range on our accessories page.  The door handles are custom made for your doors, just tell us the dimension you require and we'll make the handles to order. 

Loomlight is a global supplier of vintage industrial lighting and accessories for modern interiors and outdoor spaces. For help and advice we are happy to discuss your requirements, so please get in touch.