Retro Gym Interior by Furnbury Interior Design

retro industrial style gym interior design

September 28, 2022

Well done to Furnbury Interior Design who have mastered the understated retro gym vibe to a tee with design nods to an old school gymnasium through the use of the pommel horse, lockers and industrial style lighting.  

Incorporating Loomlight's bespoke rusty vintage light fixtures alongside exposed electrical conduit and natural finishes on the flooring and the walls makes the space feel industrial. Warmth is added with furniture, greenery and a modern neon sign. The orange rust from the vintage lighting ties in perfectly with the tan leather pommel horse which has been cleverly repurposed into a seating area for gym users

Loomlight's steampunk style rusty vintage strip light takes centre stage over the reception area creating a halo for the neon motto "real people, real results"

gym interior design featuring bespoke rusty vintage strip light by Loomlight
Hanging above the tan leather pommel horse seating area are Loomlight's bespoke rusty ceiling pendants which create a cohesive colour pop, tying in the ceiling fixtures with the furniture.


Cool gym interior design with rusty vintage industrial light fixtures

This gym interior is the perfect mix of old and new. It has the right balance of materials and enough industrial edge to make sure the gym users know this is a space for work. But what a pleasurable space for a workout. 

Here at Loomlight, we are able to create a rust effect on nearly all of our aluminium light fittings. The rust is applied using our tailored rusting technique using iron powder and an accelerated oxidization process. The end result is a natural rust.

We are happy to work on bespoke requests so please get in touch with us via our contact page. Check out our full range of vintage & industrial style lighting.

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