Reclaim, Restore, Recycle

Our Process

We have a passion for light fixtures with outstanding design and build quality.  Lighting that has been engineered to last a lifetime and can be passed on from generation to generation. 

Completely timeless lighting.

We reclaim some of the best industrial lighting fixtures from around the world and bring them back to life so they can continue their story in a modern environment.


All of our products are reclaimed from industrial or military settings.  We have built up a trusted network of suppliers around the world and continue to connect with new industrial settings where we can find intriguing light fixtures of outstanding build quality.


Hand restored on-site in our Leicestershire workshop by skilled craftsmen and electricians, our focus is on the quality of the original materials and sympathetically highlighting the natural patina that characterises each fixture.  Every light is rewired to modern lighting standards and can be fitted with either energy saving LED filament or tungsten light bulbs. We will rewire each light fixture to your specific voltage requirements.


    Our lighting is perfect for modern interiors or outdoor spaces.  In conjunction with our customers, we hope that by recycling these beautifully engineered industrial light fixtures we have done a small amount to ease some of the pressures on the environment from over-production.

    We ship worldwide in large or small quantities.