Cool Ideas For Loft Conversion Lighting

industrial style loft conversion with tripod floor lamp and exposed brick wall

December 12, 2022

Loft conversions can be tricky spaces to light, but with the right planning you can illuminate your room perfectly giving you a practical, bright and stylish loft conversion. Whether your new loft conversion is an entire home with tall ceilings or if it is an attic that will be converted into a bedroom, office or bathroom the lighting is one of the most important considerations.

Whatever the practical use of the loft conversion the theory of lighting is the same. Wherever possible it’s a good idea to have a mix of light for maximum practicality. A good lighting scheme consists of a combination of task lighting, ambient lighting which includes natural light and feature lighting.

Low ceilings, lack of light, lack of space or a large amount of space and odd angles are some of the issues that might arise with a loft conversion making lighting difficult.

So what’s the best kind of lighting for a loft conversion or attic room? 

Ceiling lighting for a loft conversion 

Ceiling lighting generally provides the overall ambient room lighting. If you have space for ceiling lights in your loft conversion it can be a great opportunity to add character and style with feature light fixtures. Perhaps you have a large space to light up and you can go big! Opening a loft space to include with the room below creates a large vaulted ceiling or pitched roof. Which is very dramatic and architectural. Make sure you add enough light fixtures to spread light through the entire space. The large pitched roof in the image below looks like a barn conversion. They have dotted 9 industrial pendants throughout the space hanging from long chains from the ceiling beams. The industrial ceiling lights add character providing a feature to the large space which also fits really nicely with the style of the barn conversion. 

Loft Conversion feature ceiling lighting ideas

Copper & Brass Explosion Proof Pendant, £205

Vintage industrial brass & copper cage ceiling light for loft conversion

Read about how much light you need per square meter in our article “Which Light Bulb to Choose?”. If you have low ceilings then use flush light fixtures. All of our bulkhead lights can be used on the ceiling or walls and provide a flush lighting option. 

Our range of vintage & industrial style ceiling lighting are available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials and are fantastic feature lights for creating authentic style.

bedroom loft conversion lighting ideas

Creating ambience with wall lighting

If ceiling lighting is not an option because of a pitched roof then consider wall lighting options as the main source of ambient light. Adding multiples can provide the additional lighting levels you need. 

small wall light option for bathroom loft conversion 

Using different styles of wall lighting will help make the most out of the space. Cantilever lighting is good to use for tasks such as working on a laptop or reading where directional lighting is required. Cantilever lights sometimes have extendable arms fixtures which mean the lamp can be pulled out or pushed back, making this an incredibly useful lamp to have where space is limited and you want to be able to move light around. Wall mounted cantilever lamps, 90 degree wall lamps or down lighting for walls are a good option for bedside lighting, especially if there’s no space for bedside table lamps. Check out our range of cantilever lamps.

 Cantilever Wall Lighting in a bedroom loft conversion

Ivory Cantilever Wall Lamp, £290 This beautiful ivory lamp has a ball joint which means the lamps shade can be rotated in all directions. A fantastic directional light source which can be painted any colour. 

 Ivory cantilever wall lighting for bedside lighting in loft conversion

Flush wall sconces or bulkhead wall lights don’t take up much space and are great for spreading light, especially useful when there is no option for ceiling lighting. 

bulkhead wall lighting in loft conversion

When wall lighting is in addition to ceiling lights, consider positioning the wall fixtures so that darker corners are illuminated which will help make the space feel larger. We have a wide range of wall lighting options, large and small to cover every eventuality.

Below we have selected the best of our decorative wall sconces that would work nicely in smaller spaces where you want the light to be a flush feature.

Vintage style floor and table lamps for authentic loft conversions

Adding floor and table lamps are flexible lighting options that can be moved around your space wherever there is a plug socket. Always useful! And a great option for adding low level lighting when you want to relax. If you are lucky enough to have a large space to fill then consider adding a large feature floor lamp. Check out our bespoke floor lamps and reclaimed table lamps which can all be fitted with LED light bulbs.

Our smallest floor lamp to add substance and style is the Viking Moneypenny which is a reclaimed divers lamp.

Viking Moneypenny Tripod Lamp, £375

The Moneypenny industrial style floor lamp is a beautifully compact and unique vintage floor lamp. Paired with an extendable solid wood Billingham tripod to create a characterful vintage industrial tripod floor lamp

Turn Lighting Practicalities into Features

Including a dimmer switch with any light fixture is a great idea. This will give you an extra layer of lighting level options for different occasions. Turn low before bedtime and turn up full when using the space during the daytime.

Conduit lighting ideas for loft conversion

Electrical conduit as a feature

Installing electrical cables behind the walls might not be an option for many reasons, a main one being budget constraints! Also there are architectural reasons meaning it isn't always possible to install electrical cables behind walls. In these circumstances consider adding metal conduit to run electrical cable along the surface of walls in a safe way. This can be made into an industrial style feature. You can use galvanised conduit or copper conduit depending on your colour preference. Consider using industrial style light fixtures to complete the look.

Industrial Micro Spot Wall Light, £72

small vintage wall spot lights on galvanised conduit for a loft conversion

To view our full range of vintage and industrial style lighting for your loft conversion project please visit our website and please do get in touch with any questions. We offer bespoke manufacturing services and we ship worldwide.