Industrial Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

industrial farmhouse bedroom ideas

December 05, 2022

A farmhouse aesthetic doesn't have to be quaint, it can take on a sleek, industrial vibe. Check out our top industrial farmhouse bedroom ideas and inspiration.

In a farmhouse interior you are likely to find natural materials such as exposed brick or stone, wooden flooring and timber framework. Original industrial environments are characterised by concrete, exposed steel beams and ducting, metal lighting and exposed copper or galvanised electrical conduit.

Industrial style interiors tend to be dark, or have dark elements throughout. This could be in the form of dark walls, soft furnishings or through the use of fixtures & fittings such as black lighting, door handles or black metal furniture frames.

 black industrial lighting in an industrial farmhouse bedroom 

Industrial Style Fixtures

Choosing industrial style fixtures is a great way to bring this aesthetic to life. Lighting is one of the most important elements in any room. There are many different styles of industrial style lights available. Reclaimed industrial lights have an abundance of authentic character, usually made with solid metal and glass. Look for industrial features such as cages, manufacturer plates or vitreous enamelled shades if you love authentic industrial character. These features are used to maintain the safety and life span of the products and mean the light fixtures are incredibly hard wearing and robust.

Cantilever lighting is commonly found in industrial or workshop settings as task lighting. When used in the home not only do they add industrial chic but can also be very practical allowing you to move illumination around. Often cantilever lighting can be pulled out and pushed back to the wall again which makes them suitable for bedside lighting or as vanity table lighting. 

Industrial Cantilever Wall Light, £535

Red adjustable wall lamp, £290

Add a colour pop with industrial lighting. These lamps can be painted any colour to suit your interior. The lamp shade is on a ball & socket joint so the shade can be moved for directional lighting which is perfect for bedside wall lighting.

Bedside lighting ideas for an industrial farmhouse bedroom

Hang large industrial style lighting on your ceiling to create the perfect feature in your farmhouse style bedroom, like the bright bedroom below which is a lovely combination of exposed brick, wooden furniture and metal fixtures alongside soft furnishings to create a simple industrial farmhouse style bedroom. 

industrial lighting in a farmhouse style bedroom

Large Aluminium Ceiling Light, £635

large vintage aluminium light as industrial farmhouse bedroom idea

Using metal is a key feature in creating an industrial style bedroom interior.

The beauty of choosing to use metal is the range of finishes and colours available. There is something to compliment all interior styles.

Warmer metals such as brass, bronze and copper have become more popular over the last few years due to changes in interior colour trends.

However if you prefer silver / white tones then aluminium, stainless steel or chrome industrial style fixtures and fittings look fantastic, especially when using reclaimed and original fixtures which add much more character than new or reproduction fixtures. In the bedroom ensuite bathroom below the use of reclaimed aluminium cage lighting adds character to this space. See Loomlight's full collection of vintage industrial light fixtures

Industrial Farmhouse Style Ensuite Ideas

Here are two of my favourite industrial style bedroom ensuite designs making use industrial style materials. Exposed brick, concrete and metal then using natural fabrics and materials such as wood, wicker and hessian to soften it. This interior aesthetic would perfectly suit the industrial farmhouse vibe. 

The Explosion Proof Small Cage Pendant, £150 has tempered glass dome and brass cage protecting the lamp holder making them suitable to use  where water and steam is present. Ideal for industrial style en-suite lighting.

Aluminium bulkhead wall lights, £170

Aluminium industrial lighting for an industrial farmhouse bedroom ensuite bathroom

A popular choice that has been on trend over recent years is black fixtures & fittings. This can be in the form of black iron or a black powder-coated metal. 

Our top pick of black industrial style light fixtures: -

Industrial Black Steel Ceiling Light, £395

black industrial lighting for a farmhouse bedroom interior

Black industrial style wall light, £255

black wall light for bedside lighting for industrial farmhouse style bedroom interior

Matte Black Edison Strip Light, £870


Black Iron Bulkhead, £180

Black iron circular bulkhead wall light for industrial bedroom idea

Using electrical conduit is an authentic industrial feature which can be used for both practical and aesthetic purposes. If you are unable to hide electrical cables in walls then metal conduit is a safe way to maintain your cables on the walls surface. Take this opportunity to make it into a feature as can be seen in the examples below.

Galvanised conduit can be used for creating practical bedside wall lighting.

galvanised conduit lighting used in a industrial farmhouse bedroom

Use the conduit to create unique lighting solutions in difficult spaces.

Small industrial spot light, £72

metal conduit lighting idea for industrial farmhouse bedroom

Or incorporate copper conduit as part of the furniture as a shelving option in your bedroom. Visit Steel Roots Design for bespoke copper pipe and reclaimed wood shelving. 

copper pipe & reclaimed wood shelving

copper conduit shelving idea for industrial farmhouse bedroom

This unique take on using copper conduit to create a beautiful industrial style bathroom / bedroom ensuite is both practical and stylish. 

industrial farmhouse bathroom idea

For reclaimed wooden and steel bedroom furniture ideas visit Shabby Bear Cottage

Visit Loomlight to see the full collection of vintage industrial lighting which are all sold professionally restored, rewired and are compatible with LED light bulbs.