Designer Q&A with Emma Wood Interiors

industrial city living with vintage industrial lighting

February 05, 2024

We spoke to UK based interior designer Emma Wood about design, lighting and her interior design business. 

Tell us about yourself and your company: 

Emma Wood Interiors is a group of talented female interior designers specialising in transforming homes and businesses in Sussex, London, and abroad. 

We are passionate about working closely with our clients to bring their dream spaces to life - a cosy family home, a chic city apartment, a bustling restaurant, or a luxurious hotel. Our services are end-to-end, which means we can help commercial clients create their brand from their interiors to their website and signage and we can manage a whole residential project from design to final installation.

We are also busy Mums, which makes us experts in understanding the demands of an active home from a functional and aesthetic point of view. We believe every space should be beautiful and practical, and we strive to make that a reality for all our clients, which can often include little ones and four legged ones! 

My early career in fashion has given me an excellent eye for colour, fabric, and visualising spaces. As a fashion buyer, I developed the skills to seek unique suppliers, and the world of interiors is no different. I am passionate about making sustainable choices when buying products, and I work with my clients to explore options for reusing and repurposing items and finding unique pieces through auctions and markets. I love to mix old and new because it adds character and provides an instant narrative to a space.

We were really happy that you recently used Loomlight fixtures for the Riverside Project. Tell us about the brief this project:

This beautiful warehouse apartment is on the River Thames, near the renowned Borough Market in London. Although the property had a solid architectural foundation, complete with London brick and spacious loft windows, it required some modernisation to cater to the needs of my client's bustling city lifestyle. He needed a private space that he could securely leave while travelling for work, and he wanted it tailored to his requirements. I designed different zones for cooking, dining, entertaining, relaxing, and admiring the stunning view of the London skyline and riverside.

industrial City Living. An industrial style kitchen diner

What was your inspiration?

The inspiration for this project was drawn from the building itself and the surrounding industrial and nautical heritage of life on the river. For the kitchen, we chose a colour palette incorporating watery green tones on the vintage tiles, brass highlights in the lighting, black quartz granite in the bespoke kitchen island, and exposed pipework to create a stylish and trendy bachelor pad. The custom-built Crittall screening allowed us to create an additional space for the client to play pool and chill with friends.

How did you find Loomlight? Why did you choose the particular lights from Loomlight?

I have previously used Loomlight for a scheme and was impressed with the quality and finish of their products. For this project, I selected the large Brass Dome Ceiling Lights to be installed above the zinc dining table. The size and reflective qualities of the lights were perfect for making a statement in that area.

industrial city living with vintage industrial brass dome ceiling pendant lights over the dining table

I also chose the Wiska 3 Pendant Ceiling Light above the kitchen island, as its scale was perfect in proportion to the handcrafted piece.

industrial city living. vintage industrial lighting over the kitchen island.

Lastly, I chose a Vintage Brass Edison LED Ceiling Strip Light above the pool table.

Industrial city living with vintage industrial ceiling lighting


This light looks impressive at night and creates a fantastic atmosphere. As an interior designer, paying attention to craftsmanship and details when selecting lighting fixtures is essential.

How closely did you work with the client? 

Every client has unique needs and preferences. Some clients prefer an active role in the design process, while others prefer to leave everything to us. In the case of this particular client, we had a combination of both. Although he was happy to let us oversee the entire project, he also wanted to enjoy the design decision-making. As a result, we arranged several shopping and art-buying trips together - perks of the job!

What is your approach to new clients? 

When it comes to new clients, our team and I follow the same approach as we do with all clients. We are here to help with as much or as little as you need. For clients new to working with us, we offer a free initial design consultation, ideally at the project's site. Designing restaurants or private homes is a creative process that requires a good level of trust and chemistry. Therefore, this meet and greet session is about discussing the project parameters and seeing if the chemistry will work between us and the client. Once we establish a good rapport, we provide a detailed work schedule and investment breakdown. After which, the design process can begin. We encourage our clients to share any inspiration they have gathered. We then conduct a full measured survey before producing a presentation complete with floor plans and visuals.

Are there any common design aesthetics running through your projects that are synonymous with Emma Wood Interiors? Or is each project a fresh start?

Every project deserves a fresh perspective and a unique approach. As a designer, it's essential to tell the client's story while incorporating playfulness into the space. This is especially crucial for business projects, where the design should reflect the brand rather than my personal style. I don't get easily influenced by trends, preferring to mix old and new to create an instant narrative of a space. My absolute guilty pleasure will always be a stripe!

What are you working on at the moment?

We have several exciting projects underway, including a new restaurant design for Gatwick Airport, a neighbourhood bar in Sussex, a Victorian ground floor living space, and a Grade II listed cottage overhaul.

A big thank you to Emma Wood Interiors for the insight into their business. You can see more of their projects at