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steampunk wall lights and steampunk ceiling light trends

January 29, 2024

In the realm of interior design, the steampunk aesthetic and steampunk lighting has captured the imagination of enthusiasts, bringing a unique blend of Victorian-era charm and futuristic innovation. One of the most captivating elements of steampunk design is its industrial-style lighting, which seamlessly combines form and function to create a visually striking and functional ambiance. 

Here at Loomlight we specialise in reclaiming and restoring industrial lighting many of which fit the steampunk aesthetic. In this blog post, I'll highlight the best industrial style steampunk lights we offer; the origins of steampunk, key features, and how it can transform any space into a captivating and otherworldly environment.

Our Top Pick of Steampunk Wall Lighting 

Swing Arm Wall Light, £535

This steampunk lamp is made up of a reclaimed industrial iron & copper cage pendant light which has been repurposed into a bespoke swing arm wall lamp using copper pipe. The length of the copper swing arm fixture can be customised to suit. We have a workshop where we complete all our restoration work and the design and manufacture for our bespoke projects. 

steampunk wall lighting with a copper swing arm fixture and copper and iron pendant light

This steampunk outdoor lighting, £325, in brass features a brass wire cage and isolator switch. Ideal to use with copper conduit to complete the steampunk aesthetic, indoors or out. 

outdoor steampunk wall light with cage and isolator switch


Explosion Proof Cantilever Wall Light, £375

A beautiful copper and brass cantilever wall lamp which oozes industrial steampunk style. This is an original explosion proof industrial lamp refurbished as a wall lamp with a copper pipe wall fixture. 

A steampunk wall light in copper and brass with industrial style cage and brass light shade.

Industrial Spotlight, £68

A versatile fixture, this small steampunk wall sconce can be used alone or in multiples. Ideal to use with electrical metal conduit to enhance the steampunk aesthetic and hide electrical cable. 

steampunk wall sconce with galvanised steel conduit  steampunk wall sconce

Small Kokosha Wall Light, £295

This small brass wall light by Kokosha can be used for outdoor steampunk lighting with copper piping to take the electrical cables to a steampunk style outdoor switch. This outdoor sauna in Canada could have quite easily have stood out like a sore thumb in this stunning lakeside position. However the build up of the natural rust patina has helped the sauna to blend and become part of its environment. 
outdoor steampunk lighting
outdoor steampunk lighting


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Our Top Pick of Steampunk Ceiling Lighting

Steampunk Ceiling Light by Kokosha, £825

This solid aluminium steampunk ceiling light in aluminium is 75cm wide, full of industrial style features such as the protective cage. Ideal over a kitchen island or dining table if you are looking to recreate a steampunk kitchen aesthetic. 

steampunk ceiling lighting in aluminium, made by Kokosha. Restored by Loomlight in the UK. Shipped worldwide

Bronze Steampunk Ceiling Lighting, £425

A reclaimed industrial lamp made in bronze by Kokosha.These ceiling fixtures are robust and have a visible manufacturers plate which gives them character. Ideal for commercial or private interiors where you want robust fixtures with industrial steampunk edge.

steampunk ceiling lighting in Bronze by Kokosha

Wiska 3 Pendant Ceiling Light, £1265

This fixture is made up of three original industrial copper and brass pendants fixed to a copper bar to create bespoke steampunk track lighting. Made to a length to suit your interior. A fantastic light fixture for a steampunk kitchen island.

steampunk track lighting over steampunk kitchen island

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Our Top Pick of Steampunk Floor Lamps

This steampunk aluminium floor lamp, £1625, was originally found in the engine room of cargo ships hanging from the ceiling. Refurbished in the UK by our team at Loomlight, we have extensively modifed them by removing the old fluorescent electrics and replacing them with Edison LED tubes which are dimmable and creating a floor stand for the original lamp. Now a stunning steampunk floor lamp. 

steampunk floor lamp with Edison light bulbs


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The Steampunk Table Lamp

The steampunk table lamps we restore have mainly started out life designed for industrial use as either a wall or ceiling lamp. We refurbish and repurpose them into robust steampunk table lamps suitable for any dark corner! See our top pick below.

The Aluminium Steampunk Lamp, £350

An ideal steampunk table lamp for illuminating a dark corner. This is a robust solid aluminium steampunk lamp which looks best with an Edison LED filament light bulb for full industrial steampunk style. Originally an industrial explosion proof wall fixture, this steampunk lamp still features all the original castings which highlights its industrial credentials.

steampunk table lamp made out of aluminium fitted with an Edison filament LED light bulb.

Morio Denki Steampunk Lamp, £450

Solid bronze industrial lamp repurposed as a steampunk table lamp and fitted with a red glow on/off switch for maximum steampunk appeal. Use with an Edison LED filament light bulb for dramatic effect. The original manufacturers plate is still intact making this a truly characterful industrial lamp. 

Bronze steampunk lamp

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What is Steampunk Design?:

Steampunk design draws inspiration from the 19th-century Victorian era, infusing it with fantastical elements and a futuristic twist. The term "steampunk" itself is a fusion of "steam," representing the steam-powered machinery of the Industrial Revolution, and "punk," reflecting the countercultural and rebellious spirit of the movement. Steampunk design celebrates craftsmanship, intricate details, and a sense of adventure, with a particular emphasis on repurposing industrial elements.

Key Features of Industrial Style Steampunk Lighting:

  1. Raw Materials: Industrial style steampunk lighting often incorporates raw and unfinished materials, such as exposed metal pipes, gears, and rivets. The use of materials like iron, brass, and copper adds an authentic industrial feel to the fixtures, creating a visual narrative that speaks to the machinery of a bygone era.

  2. Edison Bulbs: The iconic Edison bulb is a staple in steampunk lighting design. With their exposed filaments, these bulbs evoke the nostalgic charm of early 20th-century lighting. The warm, amber glow emitted by Edison bulbs enhances the vintage ambiance of steampunk spaces, casting a soft and inviting light.

  3. Gear and Clockwork Motifs: Steampunk design often features intricate gear and clockwork motifs, symbolizing the intricate machinery of the Victorian era. These elements can be incorporated into lighting fixtures, creating a sense of movement and complexity. Pendant lights with visible gears or wall sconces resembling old-fashioned clocks are popular choices in this style.

  4. Pulleys and Chains: Industrial style lighting often includes pulleys and chains, mimicking the mechanisms found in factories and workshops. These functional elements not only add authenticity but also allow for adjustable lighting, enabling users to customize the illumination of their space.

  5. Vintage Filigree and Ornate Details: Steampunk lighting fixtures often feature intricate filigree and ornate details reminiscent of Victorian design. These embellishments add a touch of elegance to the industrial aesthetic, striking a balance between rugged and refined.

Transforming Spaces with Industrial Style Steampunk Lighting:

Whether used in residential spaces, commercial establishments, or themed events, industrial style steampunk lighting has the power to transform any environment. Here are some ideas for incorporating this captivating style into different settings:

  1. Home Interiors:

    • Install steampunk pendant lights over kitchen islands or dining tables for a focal point that merges style and functionality.
    • Use steampunk-inspired wall sconces to add character to hallways and corridors.
      steampunk lighting ideas for a kitchen diner
  2. Commercial Spaces:

    • Create a steampunk-themed bar or restaurant with custom-made industrial chandeliers and pendant lights.
    • Enhance retail spaces with steampunk-inspired track lighting or decorative fixtures to engage customers in a unique and immersive experience.Using steampunk lighting in commercial interiors
  3. Events and Weddings:

    • Set the tone for a steampunk-themed wedding with Edison bulb string lights and vintage candelabras.
    • Design event spaces with steampunk chandeliers and floor lamps to create a whimsical atmosphere.

Industrial style steampunk lighting offers a captivating journey through time, blending the rugged aesthetic of the Industrial Revolution with the intricate elegance of Victorian design. With its emphasis on raw materials, exposed mechanics, and vintage-inspired details, this lighting style adds a touch of nostalgia and adventure to any space. Whether you're a steampunk enthusiast or simply looking to infuse your surroundings with a unique and visually striking aesthetic, consider embracing the allure of industrial style steampunk lighting for an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary and transports you to a world of imagination and craftsmanship.

Here at Loomlight we design and manufacture bespoke lighting projects, so please get in touch if you'd like to talk to us about anything specific

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