Shine On: A Guide to Reclaimed Lighting for Every Space

reclaimed lighting ideas

May 21, 2024

Reclaimed lighting is more than just a trend – it's a way to add unique character, eco-conscious style, and a whole lot of atmosphere to any space. In this post, we'll explore the many benefits of re-using old light fixtures, inspire you with creative ideas for both homes and commercial interiors, and offer tips for finding the perfect piece to illuminate your interior or exterior space.

Why Reclaim?

There are many reasons to choose reclaimed lighting over brand new options:

  • Uniqueness: Each reclaimed piece has a history, adding a touch of vintage charm and a conversation starter to your décor.

White Factory Pendant Lights by Killark - £355

reclaimed lighting in a kitchen
  • Sustainability: You're giving a pre-loved light fixture a new life, reducing waste and your environmental impact. Reclaimed industrial light fixtures are engineered for use in extreme conditions so will last a lifetime with a bit of TLC. Perfect to use in a bathroom or kitchen where water or steam is present. 

Quadrant Vintage Wall Sconce - £360

reclaimed lighting in a bathroom
  • Variety: From military shades, vintage lamps, industrial pendant lights and marine searchlight floor lamps, the selection of reclaimed lighting from the past decades offers many styles to match your taste.
reclaimed lighting
   Daylight Signalling Lamp - £5,400,
reclaimed Daylight signal light by Shonan Kosakusho, reclaimed from military war ships. Paired with a military gyroscope to create a bespoke large tripod floor lamp
 Kokosha Outdoor Lamp - £305
Reclaimed wall lamp
   Reclaimed Brass Ships Lamp - £225
Reclaimed brass lamp
  • Character: Reclaimed lighting can give a blank canvas instant character. The timeless design of industrial lighting in particular lends itself very well to communal and commercial areas such as the Brunel Building below. Reclaimed strip lighting is ideal for large open plan spaces where spreading light is key and feels much more characterful than some modern equivalents. 


Reclaimed strip lighting in the Brunel Building
Reclaimed Lighting Inspiration


  • Kitchen Flair: Repurpose old cargo pendants to create bright task lighting with character over your kitchen island or dining table. The perfect place to showcase feature lights with stacks of character. 

Reclaimed Cargo Pendant Lights - £495

Reclaimed cargo pendant lights over kitchen island
  • Industrial Chic: Hang reclaimed factory lights in your landing or hallway for a touch of vintage rustic charm. Some factory pendants are well used and come with patina, chips and dents which some people prefer for added rustic appeal. 

Reclaimed Thorlux Lights - £325 The bronze top section of the green Thorlux pendants below is rare. We normally see these pendants with aluminium top sections. 

Reclaimed factory ceiling lights Reclaimed factory ceiling lights

Reclaimed Enamel Factory Light - £330

reclaimed enamel factory light
  • Rustic Elegance: Style a rustic interior with a statuesque reclaimed floor lamp. The tall industrial lamp below has been modernised with Edison LED filament tubes which gives this rustic interior a modern twist.

Heyes of Wigan Edison Floor Lamp - £575

reclaimed tall floor lamp

Reclaimed lighting for commercial Interiors

It is more important than ever for interior designers to consider net zero, carbon neutral or energy-efficient strategies when tackling a new project. Using reclaimed lighting is not only a great way to reduce the carbon footprint for the fixtures design but also a perfect opportunity to inject some authentic character with reclaimed feature lighting.  

  • Restaurants: This industrial style steak house below makes great use of reclaimed strip lights and industrial style pendants to create an intimate cosy feel. The combination of the leather seating and wooden tables alongside the metal light fixtures creates a balanced materials palette and softens the industrial edge. 
Reclaimed lighting in a restaurant
  • Bars: the reclaimed explosion proof cage lights below add character to an otherwise generic bar. Here they have cleverly used copper conduit pipe to run electrical cables neatly to spread the light along the bar.  
Reclaimed lighting over a bar


  • Offices: Large reclaimed industrial light fittings are ideal to use in communal spaces of commercial offices. As used throughout the communal areas in the Brunel Building in London, shown below. Not only was sustainability at the heart of this project but it was important for the design to be in keeping with industrial history of the building and environment. 
reclaimed lighting in an office


  • Retail Stores: Reclaimed lighting can highlight specific products or create a unique brand identity. These small ex-army festoon style shades below are great directional lamps with bags of character, perfect for highlighting key areas in retail.
reclaimed spot lighting in a plant shop
Universal Works in Nottingham below have made a feature of small reclaimed wall lights using conduit to surface mount the electrical cable neatly.
reclaimed wall sconce in a retail fashion shop


Finding Your Perfect Reclaimed Lamp

You can browse our website for a wide range of reclaimed lighting which are all restored and ready to be installed. We spend the time dismantling every fixture to make sure it is safe and functional before it leaves our workshop. 

We make bespoke fixtures and fittings so that your reclaimed light fixture is perfect for you. Just get in touch to chat through the project.

    By incorporating reclaimed lighting into your home or commercial space, you're not just adding light, you're adding a unique story, a touch of sustainable style, and a whole lot of atmosphere. With a little planning and creativity, you can find the perfect piece to illuminate your space and reflect your personality or brand identity.