Small Aluminium Witches Hat Ceiling Light


Small aluminium witches hat ceiling pendant lighting made in England by Loomlight. This triangle shaped light shade is a great size for mounting in multiples or as a single light fixture for a smaller space. These industrial style pendant lights provide intimate dining lighting when hung low over a table. Or perfect as a task light over a desk.

This is a brand new light fixture based on our reclaimed British army festoon shades. The aluminium conical ceiling light is perfectly smooth with a highly polished aluminium finish.

Supplied with high quality braided cable. We offer the choice to include a warm white LED Edison filament bulb with your order.

Width: 26cm
Height: 22cm
Weight: 250g
Origin:  UK

Made in England. Dimensions and weights are approximate. For all orders to USA, UL listed bulb holders and 100v bulbs can be fitted. All lights are sold ready for use in your home or commercial installation. For any specific requirements please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your individual project.