1974 Daylight Signal Floor Lamp by Shonan Kosakusho

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The vintage daylight signal lamp was originally used to send communication between ships. Made by Shonan Kosakusho in 1974, it is fully refurbished and paired with a military hard wood gyroscope tripod now a magnificent large nautical floor lamp.

Reclaimed from mid-century war ships, Shonan manufactured the search light during World War 2 until the firestorm on Japan ceased production. The tooling survived and production continued during the late 1950s until the early 1980s. 

Typically the daylight signalling lamp would have been used to signal from ship to shore, the precision optics of the reflector focuses the light output of the 1000w bulb to become a narrow beam of intense light.

The lamp is made from copper and brass with mechanical features such as shutter control using the handle on the back which has a lock to keep the shutters closed when required. We have fitted a marine grade rotary switch to turn the lamp on & off. 

Supplied fitted with a 1000w tungsten light bulb and sent with a spare. 

Our floor lamps are professionally re-wired in-house to exceed British Standards using CE approved components. Dimensions and weights are approximate. For all orders to USA, UL listed bulb holders and 100v bulbs will be fitted. All lights are sold ready for use in your home or commercial installation.

Diameter of Search light: 35cm
Tripod Base: 75cm
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Voltage: 220v or 110v lamp and wiring for US Voltage
Origin: Japan